Our curious boy, George was recently featured by the Limelight Pet Project, along with two other mares, Barb and Jill, who came from the Fall City 40. The Limelight Pet Project helps shine the light on pets who are harder to adopt. Check out their video below.
George is still young and has just been started under saddle so we are looking for an adopter who is a pretty experienced rider. His adopter will need to have access to a round pen and current experience riding green horses themselves; or they need to have a plan in place to work with a professional for at least the next year. At this point in his education,George will not find success with a casual, amateur rider.
With horses like George, who are young and on the smaller side physically, we are very careful not to put too many difficult rides or long periods of training on him. We are bringing him along slowly, giving him periods of time off in between consecutive rides. George currently walks, trots, and canters under saddle, but he tends to be on the lazier side. If he is allowed to become dull, he could lose his connection with his rider and we worry he will overreact if something “scary” happens around him. By not overworking him while he is still growing, we are helping him stay connected and be punctual with his responses.
George spends his leisure time at SAFE in a paddock with another gelding, Owen, who is helping him learn horse manners. Being such a youngster, he has so much to learn and luckily Owen is a great teacher. George is a beautiful horse with a fun personality. If you rub his lip just right, he will flip up it up and “smile” pretty much on command like in the picture above. We are excited to continue our work with George and look forward to finding him the perfect home.