It’s time for another SAFE foster home update! This time we check in on Brandii Bask

Here’s a little update on Brandii. First, she so wants to be with my paints! The pastures are set up with single stalls/run-ins, so for now she’ll be coveting from afar. She’s enjoying the grassy pasture and spends very little time in the stall or covered shelter (even in the rain and snow!). She’s got a lot of energy and if it weren’t for her papers saying she’s 24, I’d guess in her teens. She bucks, rears and shows off for my boy daily. Once this weather gets better, I think she’ll be ready to start working with in the arena to give her a job and burn some of that energy off! She loves her apple & oats treats and that’s about the only thing I can bribe her into the stall with. She’s on free-choice orchard with her senior feed, beet pulp and small flake of alfalfa and generally leaves a huge pile of food in her stall to be outside in the pasture.

Big thanks to Brandii’s foster mom, Sharon for the update and also for these pictures of Brandii in the snow!