This little mare is looking GOOD!! Our volunteer riders have been working on getting Bridgit strengthened up and she is looking sound and soft. We really have to commend their dedication to the work. Sometimes it isn’t a very glamorous process… lots of boring trot poles and strengthening exercises. Butthey have chipped away at it and the work is paying off. Every time Joel sees this little mare, he remarks at how pretty and well behaved she is for the volunteers. She is ready to have her own family and become someone’s riding partner. She has already been a star on the trails at our new home in Redmond. She and her rider have even been allowed to walk out on the path alone (where we can see her from our property!) and she did great! No problem walking away from the other horses or coming back in a panic. Just a perfect little sweetheart as always! This is her time, let’s get Bridgit adopted!!

Here is an update from Melinda who is riding Bridgit three times a week and took her into the Joel Conner clinic a few weeks ago:

I rode Bridgit for the first time in the Saturday afternoon session of this weekend’s Joel Conner clinic. What a fun little mare she is! I truly can’t believe she hasn’t been adopted yet. She is such a sweet horse, and she has a lot of try in her. She’s been ridden consistently lately and has also been in previous clinics, so I knew going into it that she would already have a good grasp on the basics. She was initially a little “sticky” when moving her hindquarters to the left and also needed a brief refresher on the soft feel in the beginning of the clinic, but by the end of the afternoon she was putting it all together well. 

I’m really excited about Bridgit’s future. She has blossomed into a beautiful young lady in the time that I’ve known her here at SAFE, and I’m excited to get to be a part of that growth. She’s going to make a really great partner for her adopter.