Ciara joined one of the mare herds recently, making new friends with Fancy, Frosting, Bijou, and Inula (who was already a known quantity to her, being her daughter and all). Ciara is a good herdmate in that she is the opposite of meddlesome. In fact, at the first sign of a potential altercation, she is removing herself immediately and with haste. She respects a leader and does not care to challenge for a more senior position in the herd, more than happy to stay firmly in her lane. She took to Frosting, and the two of them can occasionally be seen communing together (especially when Fancy, the de facto mother of the group, is off getting worked), and she and Inula, despite living together once again, keep healthy boundaries and have thus far avoided becoming herd bound to one another.

Each morning when the herd goes out to eat, the girls line up at a hay box, and enjoy their breakfast together. The order might change by the day, and they do play musical hay boxes (Ciara always is quick to vacate at the first sign of trouble), but it’s wonderful to see these lovely ladies all getting along!

All the ladies happily munching!