Bucky is settling in here at the farm. This week has been a busy week for him, as he got wormed, his feet trimmed, his teeth floated, vaccinated and and overall health check. We were pretty concerned about Bucky when we got him back because he is thin and also did not completely shed his winter coat this summer as he has in previous summers, so we suspected Cushings. When Dr. Hannah looked at him she knew right away based on his hair coat and his overall body shape and muscling that he was Cushings — the question was how bad and how much Pergolide he will need. So we went ahead and did the testing on him and are awaiting the results. His teeth were pretty bad as well, and while he still has teeth he has some cupping and gaps between his teeth which make them not terribly effective. He can have hay but he didn’t really eat it much which is probably why he is so thin. So he’s on a mush diet now of orchard grass pellets and low-carb grain and oil. He’s still a perky, cute little guy and I can’t wait to see him when he is looking and feeling a bit better once he is on the meds and has gained some weight.