Due to some health problems in Bucky’s adoptive family, Buckwheat’s adopters are going to sadly have to sell their farm and Bucky is in need of a new home. This sweet guy is still quite ridable and sound and is free to an approved home. If not adopted, he will be returning to SAFE after the SAFE show on August 22nd. Please contact me if interested in seeing Bucky at his current home in Beaverton, OR or after he returns to WA.

From Laurie on August 20th:

I picked up Bucky today to prepare for his trip north. He is a wonderful older gelding. Kathy says he still has a lot of spunk left.

He will be at the show. Everyone stop by and say hi. I think this guy still has something to offer. He is not young anymore, but is by no means ready to retire.

Here is a picture from my cell phone, it is a little pixely, but I will get a better one on my regular camera.
He is residing in my round pen for the next couple of days. I was going to put him in with Jazzy. But my old man stallion, Skeeter, was having nothing to do with an ol’ gelding in with her and the fence between them was going to suffer. :P