It has been quite a while since I posted about Bucky. He’s full of energy and seems to be enjoying himself. He is a real cutie! He’s always escorting me to his stall when I come down to feed in the evenings, and he has very good barn manners.

I had his ACTH re-tested in late summer/early fall and it was elevated, so we increased his pergolide to 1.25 mg. Last winter, Bucky looks like he was part Yak — his coat was at least 3 inches long. This year his coat is very shiny and soft but it’s still about 2 inches long. It’s hard with the seniors when you don’t know what’s normal for them to really judge how they are doing at times. I’ll retest his ACTH in the spring to see how he’s doing. Cushings is progressive, and horses typically need more medication over time to keep things in check.

Bucky had a dental earlier this month. He’s lost one tooth, and his back teeth are pretty much worn down to the gum line. I’ve got him on Triple Crown Low Starch, which I mix with some water to soften it a bit, plus compressed timothy hay. Compressed hays are cut so the hay is not as long of pieces as a regular hay, and it seems to be a little easier for the older guys to eat. Right now he’s holding his weight and doing well with his current diet. At some point, he may need more pellets or soaked hay cubes because of his teeth but for now he seems to be doing ok.

Bucky seems to be happy and healthy. He and Summer have an understanding: She’s in charge, and he’s happy to let her be in charge. Thanks for asking about him!