I let him meet Jay & Oliver briefly over the fence after I unloaded him from my trailer yesterday. They all sniffed noses then Buck squealed and sort of struck out with his front hooves. I took to the back pasture and turned him out there, and he immediately started grazing and even rolled.

A little while later I turned Oliver out in the pasture next to him. Buck wouldn’t really approach the fence though.

Last night, I got up at around 2am to check on him (from the window!) and Oliver was standing by the fence next to him.

This morning after breakfast, I brought Ambassador Oliver into Buck’s pasture. As I was leading Oliver over, Buck followed us along the fence nickering at Ol. I let Oliver go, and Buck proceeded to follow him around the pasture at a walk.

Overall impression, he’s a nice little guy, a bit reserved at the moment, but he nickers for food, is easy to approach, and seems to have good manners. He appears quite sound and pretty healthy.