It has been 3 months since Cameo’s torn hamstring injury. She has been doing well for her rehab and time off. She was allowed out of her stall rest and put into a stall with a run. We have steadily increased her hand walks to 30 minutes. She also has been quiet enough to take some walks out to the grass and enjoy some time outside. As long as she doesn’t get walked too far away from the other horses, she has remained relaxed and content.

We did have to break down and give her a bath! She has been loosing her summer coat and fluffing up for winter already. She was pretty good about it but really doesn’t like the drips on her hind legs. She managed through it and all survived! Also for the time being we took off her front shoes. We will be working with our farrier to see if she suggests putting them back on or trying her barefoot for the winter.

She is steadily recovering and has shown no signs of lameness on that hind leg. With good healing in place we will be talking to Dr. Fleck soon about getting her back under saddle and into the trot. We want to take it easy and make sure she is ready for that next step.