We have a few volunteers who come once a week to give our gentleman Cameron a walk around the property. Here is what Meghan Nicolson had to say:

Walking with Cameron is a highlight of my week! When we first started walking together he just wanted to go, with his long/fast strides; but it didn’t take long before Cameron learned to slow down to my pace. He is very aware of everyone/everything at the farm, and you can see his curiosity as we walk by. Cameron is trusting, sweet, and gentle, always willing to try something new. While he prefers me to walk on his left, he is getting more and more comfortable when I switch to his right side (just make sure to move the hair from his eyes). Cameron keeps me laughing as he is a gentle opportunist; hoping to get a bite of grass or fallen hay in the roadway. But he is always happy at the end of our walk when he returns to his paddock and gets to finish licking his lunch bowl clean.”