For some time now, our herd at SAFE has been comprised of horses on the smaller side. Horses, and technically ponies. But it’s undeniable that there’s something about a big horse that really appeals to people. So when Camille showed up at SAFE, we were undeniably smitten. Looks aren’t everything – it was also her sweet and gentle nature that drew an adoring crowd to Camille.


We’ve had a few weeks to start getting to know this lovely mare, and have enjoyed every bit of time we’ve spent with her. She enjoys standing watch in her shelter beside her hay box where she has a good view of the road and her incoming lunches. I have taken her for some walks around the property to help with her mobility, and she certainly needs to learn a few things about respecting people’s space (we are so little and she is so big), but with each lap we do she grows a bit more confident and respectful of my space.


Her comfort in her mobility is something we are monitoring to ensure she has a good quality of life. It is clear from simply looking at her legs that she is not sound. One of her fetlocks is dropped, and she has various other issues in her limbs that makes movement uncomfortable. We have started her on equioxx to help her find a bit more comfort, and will continue to keep a close eye on her to ensure her discomfort is being managed.


Camille has done more than her time as a working horse. Had she not been seized, we can all but guarantee that she would have been working until the day she died – even with her body in the poor condition it was in. Now at SAFE, we can ensure that her future involves only care, love, and rest. Camille will not be offered for adoption as anything other than a companion horse. She deserves a retirement where she can be well fed, doted on, and taken care of without having to give anything in return.


For now, we continue to do just that.  Camille has been added to our grooming program and seems to be enjoying the attention. We will soon see about getting her a horse friend to pass the time alongside. We sure are enjoying getting to know this big beautiful lady!