Caramel was one of the Fall City 40 horses, but she is really becoming her own beautiful self. She is very independent and is slowly learning to trust people. She has put on weight, her coat is shiny and full, and that mane of hers is beautiful too!

Caramel is still fairly timid. Over the summer we have been able to help her build her trust and confidence. She will now allow us to rub her forehead, ears and neck. We are working on rubbing her shoulders and back but she is still not completely comfortable with that yet. She has figured out that the brush and the curry comb are pretty amazing, so she will let herself be groomed for a little bit of time. She does love to have her butt scratched but only if the scratcher stands on the other side of the fence. She will stand there for quite a while and close her eyes.

Dylan has been working on moving Caramel around in the round pen. He has also been introducing her to the halter by touching her with it. We will take it slow in order to halter her successfully.

Caramel is a sensitive soul, and deep down inside she seems to want to please. She just needs encouragement and patience to come farther out of her shell. Once she knows she can trust, a whole new world is going to open up for her.