Today was a BIG step in the future success of Caramel. She is headed to a foster home where the views are fantastic and she is surrounded by other horse friends. Trisha, who is now fostering Caramel, adopted one of the Fall City 40 horses, Hazel, last January. She did such a great job gentling her that we are thrilled that Caramel will have the same opportunity to learn. Trisha will be able to give her the time and consistency she really needs.

Caramel was a gem for loading and unloading in the trailer and Trisha let us know that she is settled in well. Trisha’s mare, Hazel was living in the same pen in Fall City as Veronica and Caramel. Hazel was surprised to see the little redhead again and quite possibly recognized her. We are hoping that this quiet and relaxed approach will help gentle Caramel.

Caramel and her buddy, Hazel