In the year that Prince has been with SAFE, he has grown into one of the barn favorites. This handsome fellow has been developing his arena skills and enjoying trail rides. Prince has a very important job helping the newer SAFE horses walk confidently out on the trails and in the new surroundings. We really aren’t sure why this boy hasn’t been adopted yet! Maybe this new video showing off all Prince’s great attributes will help you see what we do: a steady, confident partner who is longing for a friend enjoy outdoors with him!

Here is what his volunteer rider Lori has to say about what they have been recently up to: “Prince has been doing really well. We have spent a lot of time working on a soft feel in the bit and slowing down. He does this very well at the walk. Walks on a loose rein and relaxed. The trot is what we have been working on. He starts off head up and racing at the trot but settles in and relaxes. We finish with him trotting slow and dropping off with the lighted touch of the reins. He is great on the trails. I take him alone. He calls a bit but is willing to go and whatever I put in front of him. Very proud of this boy.”