It’s always a happy day when we get an update on Zanadu. We like to think that all of the adopted SAFE horses are loved, but when it comes to Zan, there is no question that she is adored, treasured, and beloved. Karen sent this update:

Zan and I are doing spectactularly well! She is a delight and quite the character.

Zanadu is such a wonderful girl — I saw that in her from the moment we met. I believe there was divine intervention in us finding each other. She had had several unsuccessful adoptions before she became Zanadu Johnson, and Sara told me that she thinks Zan was just waiting for me. She is learning to trust and to let her sweet nature show through, and I tell her every day that she has found her forever home, and I will always love and care for her, and protect her. Oh, and the singing part – I sing to her every day (she’s partial to vintage Motown). She’s sassy and independent and curious – I call her Dora the Explorer. Come to think of it, those are my qualities too!

Attached are some recent photos – one taken in front of our home for a neighborhood ride, one of her at our very first trail ride (eleven miles and she did an amazing job, I was so proud of us both!), and a picture of her Christmas ‘stocking’ that I made. She was a good pony so Santa filled her stocking with carrots! On Christmas day, my precious ponies had warm oatmeal with raw sugar and apples.

I have to laugh because she and Raffy, my special needs Arabian boy, LOOOVE to roll in the mud. And always after brushing. I showed Zan the SAFE stall plaque that I keep in my tack room so she could see how beautiful and clean her little self can be.

Also, if you and Sara, Debi, Brittany, or any of my other friends at SAFE have 18 minutes [yes, really] to spare, here’s a link to the YouTube video I posted after the pre-Christmas snow. I’m sure you have never seen any other video of Ponies in the Snow ha ha.

While I will apologize for the lack of editing, and some shakey cam stuff, I refuse to apologize for all the cooing and laughing and kissy noises that I made for all those minutes. And oh, yeah, the ‘pocket cam video’ at about 14:00 for 90 seconds while I used both hands to feed the ponies apples – audio but no video!