We are breaking out the bubbly, because little Champagne has been adopted!

Champagne arrived at SAFE as a very nervous little stallion who was averse to being caught or handled. During his time at SAFE, we spent daily time with him, working to teach him that people weren’t really so bad or scary, and that a pet or a brush could be a positive thing. He was gelded at SAFE, vaccinated, dewormed, and received his first farrier trim — potentially ever. We helped him get back on his feet, so to speak, and ready for his forever home.

Luckily for him, that home would not have to wait long.

When Kaydee first met Champagne, she was smitten (hard not to be when you’re as cute as he is!) She came out several times during his stay at SAFE to spend time walking him around and grooming him, and was very eager to bring him home as a companion. Kaydee has a ton of great horsemanship experience, so while Champagne was still in need of a lot of support, we were more than confident that he would receive that and more from his new mom.

Now, a month after going home to Kaydee’s, Champagne is thriving. He continues to come out of his shell more and more each day, and is growing into a guy who is as cuddly as he looks. We are so happy that these two found each other, and that Champagne is getting to live the life he deserves!