Charmeon arrived at the SAFE facility on Saturday afternoon.  As part of our commitment to Char’s owner, we had placed her on a waiting list for when we had an opening for Char to come into our program, and meanwhile she had kept her in training until the end of March. Char has apparently done extremely well with her training, and she goes English and Western, has been out on the trails alone and with another horse, and has worked on sidepassing to open gates as well.  She is not for an inexperienced horse handler, because we have been told that if she gets nervous or scared on the ground that she will spin and bolt away from her handler. This is a relatively easy problem to fix, although a little more difficult with a horse of her size. However, some groundwork for Miss Char is definitely in order. So far she has settled in well, although she was very tired today from the trip yesterday and dozed most of the afternoon. She is eating well though, and seems relaxed in her new environment and is very sweet. Char came with a ton of donated tack, farm supplies, supplements, and blankets. We are still sorting through it all, there was so much!