Volunteer Kaya M. has been getting to know Angel and is her special friend. Kaya has a very kind, positive attitude that is helping this frightened old mare open up to a new friendship. Here is what Kaya had to say about her interactions with Angel:

Angel has been a fun and unique challenge for me so far. I’ve only recently started working with her and she has already taught me so much! I’ve never spent time with a horse who is so not trusting of people and it’s been amazing to notice the little changes in the way she responds to me. Angel is so smart, it’s easy for her to figure out the best way to kind of escape the pressure and find the release. Today I was able to get her to calmly transition back and forth between walk and trot at liberty based off of my feel and she was licking and chewing all the time. The “hooking on” exercise is so easy for her as well. She is so sensitive, it has helped me to realize how small my movements can be to get a reaction. Angel is still not great about changing eyes and has an especially difficult time with her right eye. We will keep working on this, slowly but surely!