Dottie and Piper had their routine visit from our trimmer, Daphne, last week. Piper is growing up fast! She tries to pull  all the typical baby tricks in the book while she’s getting her hooves trimmed, just to see if we’re serious that she really does need to stand still and get her toes done like a big girl. After about 10 minutes of conversation about it, Daphne had Piper calm and willing to stand there patiently until she was finished. We still expect that she will try some of these baby antics next time she gets a trim, but she’s clearly a very intelligent girl so it’s not likely to take long before she stops testing the boundaries.

The two girls are having a great time in foster. Dottie is doing just what we hoped she would do–she’s furthering Piper’s education in good equine social skills, and teaching her how to follow a leader. She lets Piper get away with some of her baby habits, but it only goes so far and then Dottie puts her foot down to show her who’s the herd boss.