Everyone is pretty much in love with Nora. She’s a doll, just sweet and loving and really, really pretty. Her physical condition is slowly improving and while she still needs to put on more weight, she’s looking healthier and her coat has improved. Nora’s biggest problem is the condition of her hooves. She doesn’t have much in the way of hoof wall so she’s pretty much walking on her soles, and it’s been pretty painful for her. Daphne came out and put a full set of glue-on shoes on her so she’s a lot more comfortable now, thankfully!

She’s quite fond of her stall at SAFE Harbor, but we’re happy to see that she is venturing out into her paddock and doing some exploring, now that it doesn’t hurt so bad to walk around.

We’ve been contacted by one of Nora’s former owners, who tells us that Nora is a great trail horse. We’re still going to have to wait a bit longer before Brittney tries riding her. For now, she’s getting lots of love and scratches and she definitely seems to enjoy the attention! She’s a nice girl, a real sweetie!