Chip and Dale are excited to be home forever! They recently returned to their previous foster mom’s home and you can see the joy in every roll, buck and kick. We are thrilled to announce Chip and Dale will permanently be staying with Laura, they are officially adopted!

A little over a year ago, we picked these two senior minis up after their elderly owner could no longer care for them. Luckily, we had the perfect foster home with Laura all lined up and she said they could stay at her place as long as they needed. Of course, life throws curve balls and Laura needed to undergo a big surgery and decided it was best to find a permanent home for the two. As luck would have it, we found an organization who was looking to add equines to their program and so SAFE worked out a contract for Chip and Dale to be permanent fosters. Laura was sad to see them go, you could see the love in her eyes when she said goodbye, letting us know she would happily take them back if it didn’t work out. She even visited them at their new home at restart.

We are happy to say since we took responsibility for these two, the stars have always aligned, moving from one loving home to the next until now, their final happily ever after at Laura’s farm. We know without a doubt they are where they should be and we look forward to Laura’s updates on the farm.