Chip and Dale found a permanent home helping teens and adults with early recovery from screen addictions! The two boys will be permanent fosters at reSTART, who will cover the expenses for their care, in return the two just get to be horses and enjoy the easy life.

reSTART Rise-Up Ranch offers an inpatient program to help adults struggling with screen addiction including video game, blockchain gaming, and Social Media addiction. reSTART offers residential care, counseling, coaching, and naturopathic psychiatry for behavioral addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions. Daily activities at Rise-up Ranch include caring for animals on the ranch, and taking on the day-to-day responsibility of ranch living. Animals at Rise–up Ranch include goats, chickens, kittens, and dogs.

Chip and Dale were surrendered to SAFE in February after their owner was injured in a car accident that left them unable to care for their horses. Chip and Dale are senior citizens who love to kick up their heels as much as they love napping side by side in the sun. They are friendly and sweet, and are a welcome addition to reSTART’s program. Dale is the outgoing one offering kisses to whoever he meets, while Dale, the shy one, connects with many of the clients at reSTART. The timing was serendipitous and we couldn’t have asked for a better situation for these little men.

Check out Chip and Dale at their new home in the video below: