Chip and Dale, a pair of bonded and extremely huggable senior miniature horses in Snohomish, WA, seek a new home! They are a package deal and come ready to snooze in the sun, get all the scritches, and occasionally have their floofy manes braided.

These two came to Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) in 2022 as an owner surrender case, and then spent a few months as therapy horses in a technology addiction recovery program before being adopted by their foster. Unfortunately, their adopter’s situation has changed and is very sorry to let them go. So SAFE is helping find the perfect landing spot for these two cuties.

Chip, 34” 27yo gelding, gray with spots
Chip needs a dry lot with only occasional access to grass. He has Cushing’s which is now well-managed with medication, but he has a history of laminitis. Chip has boots if his hooves get tender, and his current living area has a sand path that he walks on easily without boots.

Dale, 32” 26yo stallion, chocolate brown
Under all that mane, you’ll find a tiny gentleman of a stallion. Normally, we would advocate gelding Dale per SAFE’s no-breeding clause for adopters, but his age makes surgery risky, so he will need to be pastured with males only. While in good health, Dale needs a no-hay diet; his teeth are too worn and could potentially lead to choke.

Both Chip and Dale are up-to-date on farrier and veterinary care since coming to SAFE. They are currently located in Snohomish, WA.

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