From the past few months, we have had glue on shoe on Prince to help him grow more sole and improve his soundness. Last week our farrier Daphne came and looked at his hoof health and said that we could once again try him without shoes. He was sound and his hooves are looking great. Lori will continue to ride him and get him out on the trails as much as possible. Hopefully his right match comes along soon and this fun boy can have a family of his own. He is ready to be a carefree trail horse!

Lori had this to say about Prince in the recent Joel Conner clinic:

I took Prince into the afternoon riding portion of the clinic. Once again, so proud of this boy. He has been on a light duty workout and he did everything that was asked if him. We stuck to the walk and trot only. He preformed his yielding of the hindquarters and forequarters like a pro. We worked on getting a soft feel and for once it didn’t seem like a struggle. He gave nicely to my hands and would go around holding his head position. What a good boy.