Here’s an update from Terry, who rode Lacey in the recent Joel Conner clinic:

Lacey did wonderful in this past Joel Conner clinic! She was forward and willing and kept a good attitude for most of the workshops. She is still young and at 4 there is just only so much arena time you can take in a day so I was mindful to take breaks and to put her away on a good note and not make her work past what she could handle. Since the clinic there have been some great changes in her and we are having a lot of fun. She is very connected to me and tends to be respectful once she knows you. Since she still tries to be naughty some times, we are only having the barn managers or volunteer riders handle her. This has made a big difference and she is leading better and more respectful to her handlers. Baby has to try right? I am really pleased with how far she has come and excited to hit the trails more with her this summer!