Stella has had a busy summer! She is going beautifully in all gaits and has been on a few adventures with Horsemanship Volunteer Casey. This year was the first time Stella competed at the SAFE Benefit Horse Show at Donida Farm. She was an absolute star for everything. She trailered, bathed, and was ridden at the show with absolutely no issues! And she took home several blue ribbons, winning large and competitive classes!

Last weekend Casey and Stella traveled down near Salem Oregon to ride in a clinic with our friend Joel Conner. It was great to see Stella so relaxed, unfazed, and ready to work in an unfamiliar place. We were stuck in hours of traffic on the trip down but Stella was a champ, patiently riding in the trailer over 6 hours. She caught the eye of many auditors and everyone was impressed with her personality, try, and training.

Casey has developed such a good relationship with Stella and the support and consistency of their work has set this mare up for success. Don’t be fooled by her size: she is still a little powerhouse that without direction could be problematic. But with a good rider aboard, this mare shines!

Stella has come a long way from the little filly we met back in 2014. She has grown up into a beautiful and talented young mare. Her size makes finding her a perfect match difficult but we are confident that the right home is out there for her. Meanwhile she is getting excellent training under Casey’s tutelage and is developing many skills that will ensure her a bright future.