SAFE’s weekend Barn Manager Ian was able to help us and take Valencia into the Joel Conner clinic last month. Here is what Ian had to say about the experience:

Valencia is a very sweet and loving mare who is still very new at SAFE. She was a little nervous at first in the clinic environment, and a bit herd-bound with her pasture-mate, Ruach. While it is very sweet to see the bond these two horses share with each other, it does pose some issues in handling as separating the two can cause them to become anxious and want to crowd their handler.

Joel worked with us off and on throughout the clinic, and both days brought about very quick changes in Valencia’s behavior and demeanor. By the end of the clinic she was crowding me less, and had lost a lot of her initial anxiety. The biggest thing she needs right now is someone to be clear in their expectations. When that leadership sags, she starts to get worried, and craves the support of a herd. However, with as quickly as she was able to overcome this worry, I know that she will easily settle into a new role willing to take on anything asked of her.