A big happy ending for two little horses — minis Cookie and Harper have been adopted! Since early April, these two mares were in holding with us for Island County Animal Control at our dear friend and foster Sarah’s place, where they got back on their feet, so to speak. When they finally became ‘ours’ officially, following the closure of their case, they were more than ready to meet their forever homes, thanks to the great care shown to them at their foster. But we didn’t get as far as even posting a single ad for them. Shellie, who fostered Sundae and went on to adopt Daisy, reached out to us. She sadly had to say goodbye to her older gelding Laurence, and wanted to make sure that Daisy would have friends in his absence.

So Shellie went to Sarah’s to meet these two sweet ladies, and fell in love. Thanks to friend and trailer-driver extraordinaire Melinda, we were able to get them to Shellie’s sooner rather than later, where they could meet Daisy and settle in before the time came to lay Laurence to rest.

Cookie and Harper were right at home with one another, and were as happy to meet Daisy as she was to meet them. Their story may have begun with them in unfortunate circumstances, but they could not have found a better home! We are so thankful for the friendship we have made with Shellie through fostering and adopting, and for the many individuals who helped Cookie and Harper in their journeys over the past months!