Corona is doing well, but still not completely healed.  He remains very tolerant for his treatments, however. He is also doing something we have seen with a few starved horses, where they come in with a thick winter coat with a top layer of really long, wiry guard hairs on top.  The winter coat sheds out, but the guard hairs don’t right away, and because of a lack of nutrition or their bodies being out of whack, the summer coat doesn’t grow in right away either.  It’s an odd phenomenon, but we have seen it before and I feel confident that his summer coat will come in and the long hairs will eventually shed.  But right now, he looks pretty bad, with his long wiry hairs and bald skin visible underneath. Otherwise, he’s gaining weight well, and we wrapped his tail up as he is still having intermittent diarrhea issues.  He’s also quite a bit food aggressive, so he has to be made to back to the back of his stall before he gets his food.  He does crib as well, but not obsessively, only if there isn’t food to eat or he is feeling a bit stressed.  Otherwise, he’s very sweet and easy to handle, and extremely low on the totem pole with other horses.  In fact, we are still trying to find the right turnout partner for him, because all the horses we have tried him with were pretty mean to him and chased him.  You’d think with his size he’d have some advantage, but they sense his weakness and vulnerability.  Poor guy.