Corona is doing very well! Dr. Hannah has spoken to the vet who saw him earlier this week and she feels like the injury will be relatively minor once we get the infection under control. 

We’ve been contacted by three people who knew Corona back when he lived in Canada, including his former owner, who had him from age 3–7, and a gal who leased him when he was 6. They lost track of him when he was sold into the US in 2008 and have been desperate to reconnect with him since then. We’ve learned that Corona showed in the jumpers up to 3′3″ and schooled up to 4′ at home. He’s a brave and willing horse who never refused a jump or spooked. His former friends speak very highly of him and are relieved to have found him again, and although they are horrified by his current condition, they are happy to know that he is in good hands.

Here are some pictures of Corona in better times that they have kindly shared with us. Doesn’t he look wonderful?