Quick update on Corona — he is doing very well, on antibiotics now and the vet reports he is very tolerant for his twice-daily chlorahexadine scrubs.  She does feel bad for him as he is probably in some amount of discomfort, but she has not felt comfortable giving him bute yet because his muscle enzymes were elevated on his bloodwork.  We are going to recheck his bloodwork tomorrow and hopefully if it looks good he can have some bute to make him feel a bit better.   Dr. Hannah spoke to the vet who saw him last week and he stated that there was not a laceration on the penis when he saw him, just swelling and infection, so they determined that the laceration was actually caused by the sutures that he put in (I’m still not sure what the purpose of the sutures was).  In any case it is a good thing Dr. Hannah decided to remove them right away.  She said overall he is doing well and because he is able to retract his penis and urinate normally he does not need to be catheterized or bandaged in any way.  His fecal results came back with only few strongyle ova so that is good news, he will get wormed normally in a week or so.  He is up to free choice hay now and they will slowly start adding some beet pulp and concentrates this week.  He’ll get his feet taken care of soon as well.  We also heard from his previous leaser that there was some type of injury to his left hind leg around 4 years ago.  The horse was stall rested for a while and then was sound after that and returned to jumping, but that he was given away (not sold) to the last owner because of the injury.  I let Dr. Hannah know about the previous injury, and once he is in better physical shape we will take a closer look at that left hind to see if there are any concerns there.