Daisy, our one-eyed beauty, has gained weight since her arrival at SAFE. Her initial weight of 780 pounds has increased to 807 pounds. She’s looking quite a bit better these days, which is very nice to see.

Daisy gets nervous about being moved outside her paddock, but is comfortable and happy in her familiar surroundings. She had no problems handling her recent farrier trim, and similarly did well when receiving her vaccinations. Daisy’s heart rate remains elevated, but we currently have no diagnosis from the vet. Her other vitals are within normal range, she tested negative for equine Cushing’s Disease, and she is eating well. We monitor Daisy’s heart rate in both the morning and evening, tracking it on an ongoing basis.

This is a good point at which to mention that, if you are caring for a horse, it is important to know your horse’s normal heart rate as a baseline for watching for illnesses. SAFE recommends that a horse’s heart rate be taken every day for a week to record the normal heart rate and come up with a baseline. Heart rate is an important diagnostic measure of horse health.