SAFE is thrilled to announce our December 2018 Volunteer of the Month, Skye Guidotti. Skye has lived in Seattle for most of her adult life. She remembers falling in love with horses as a child after a memorable pony ride. Her grandfather had horses when she was growing up and she was fortunate to be able to visit his ranch in Oregon and ride his horses. Skye tells a funny story about how her grandfather tricked her parents into getting Skye a horse for her 16th birthday. He took Skye to ride a mare that everyone thought he was buying for himself. When Skye’s birthday came around her grandfather asked her parents how much they were going to pay for SKYE’S horse. She enjoyed horse ownership during high school, but since then she has been horseless. Skye is an artist by training and has created some amazing projects, including a stuffed horse with internal structure capable of holding adult weight. This was a university final project which she had to wheel through the streets of Seattle to get to class. We sure would have loved to see that!

Skye loves all of the SAFE horses, particularly the ones who seem hard to adopt. She admits to being partial to Nashville because she can seem grumpy on the outside, but is a very sweet horse once she gets to know you. Skye is a dependable, smiling face on our Monday crew. She helps with facilities and whatever else needs to be done. She fills in on other shifts and recruits new volunteers through her enthusiastic support of SAFE. We thank Skye for all of her energy and passion.