The word ‘failure’ does not typically have positive connotations, but when placed in conjunction with the word ‘foster,’ it takes on a whole new meaning. When Sue called to let us know she was a failure (a foster failure, that is) we could not have been more overjoyed.

Last October, Declan moved to Sue’s place to be a buddy to her gelding, Cal, and live beside the sheep that she raises. Sue had previously adopted Pepper, but after some changes in her life, realized that the match may have not been the best fit. But Pepper’s return left a horse-shaped hole in Sue’s life, and Cal without a friend. Enter Declan. We had previously started Declan under saddle, but following some soundness issues, decided to retire him to the companion lifestyle. With Sue in search of a companion, Declan was just about the right fit. The two of them spent several visits together at SAFE getting acquainted before Sue decided that she would like to invite Declan over as a guest to her home.

Well, guest no longer — Declan has officially become part of Sue’s family! This is such a happy ending for this chestnut guy, and we couldn’t be happier for everyone involved in this match. Congratulations, Declan and Sue!