There are no timelines when it comes to our horses. We promise them that no matter how long it takes, we will be there for them to rehabilitate them into the horse they were always meant to be.

This week marks the year anniversary of when we met Declan. Many wonderful things have happened in his life since then. Hours of care, patience, hard work, and empowerment. Declan was restarted under saddle and ultimately made into a companion, had medical ailments diagnosed and dealt with, and made friends both horse and human. We are so proud of the horse Declan has become.

Now, a year from intake, Declan would surely tell you that he is living his best life. He has gone to foster with a loving family, and has made a great new friend in horse buddy, Cal. The two of them met last week after a introductory period to his new home, and it has been smooth sailing since.

Because of the support of our wonderful community, both in person and afar, SAFE has the ability to change the lives of horses like Declan. And we certainly wouldn’t want it any other way!