Since Deeds has been returned to SAFE, he spent several months in a foster home where he was started lightly back under saddle, mostly bareback, and was ridden and led on walks on the trails. Unfortunately, he developed what turned out to be a mild case of cellulitis at the foster home and the foster mom could not take care of the intensive care he required so he was moved to another foster home here in Monroe. He recovered completely from his cellulitis and his current foster home has started riding him in her arena. She reports he is really fun to ride and feels very sound right now, although with his previous injuries he is still limited to lighter work. He was actually going to make an appearance at the SAFE show, but he needed new shoes and we couldn’t get the farrier out in time so he stayed home. He’s a sweet horse and generally well-mannered, although he can be very herd-bound and will stress when his stablemate is taken away from him or out of sight. He’s a super nice boy!