Foster home update:

Deeds is doing so well! He has put on weight, is very relaxed, and loves spending quality time with his best friend Goliath in the pasture everyday. The weather has been so nice that they’ve both been out 24/7 the last few days. I’ve been riding him about 3x/week and he feels good. The cosequin helps, as do the suppling exercises, and he continues to be sound. I’ll try to post some video next week. Cathy O’Donnell did his feet last Tuesday; he was a little nervous being separated from his buddy, but as soon as we brought them both into the barn, Deeds was cool as a cucumber for his shoeing, even dozing off. If anyone would like to come and meet him or Goliath, contact Jaime who can get you my contact info and address in Monroe. Both Goliath and Deeds are nice, nice horses!!