I worked with Deeds again over the weekend, and he was pretty stiff. Probably due to the cold weather we have been having. He was pretty lazy on the lunge and under saddle, and due to his stiffness, I just did walk/trot circles and serpentines with him. He still doesn’t give to pressure real well, but he tries and is such a gentleman on the gound.

He is starting to chew on the bit and soften his jaw, so I am getting a little bit of foam which is a good sign. I am looking forward to taking him on the trails to see how he does.

We moved Deeds to a boarding place over by Bonnie yesterday. He’ll have a stall and attached paddock as well as turnout. He gave us a little trouble about getting in the trailer but then when he realized we were serious about it he walked right in. I expected much worse.