Update from Deeds’ Adopter:

So… Mr. Deeds got to be our model this wednesday! We had some reps out to my work to demonstrate a very fancy digital xray machine. Since my vet knew that i was planning on rechecking Deed’s enlarged fetlock and suspensory, he asked if i would be interested. Now, i have to admit that i have not ridden Deeds since i brought him home (i know, i know!), i was just so paranoid about his legs! Now, he’s been on a joint supplement for 6 months and had consistent turnout with other horses to run around with, and his legs seem consistently good. I was cautiously optimistic. When looking at the xrays Hannah sent me, we were pretty sure there was a chip in the fetlock. The digital xrays confirmed it- in excruciating detail (digital is amazing), as well as a large amount of arthritis and joint deterioration. So, at this point, Dr. Sauter is comfortable with walking and trotting on the flat, with no cantering at all, and only with lots of warm up and cool down, and probably cold hosing. Now, since it was a demo, i didn’t have to pay for the xrays (which was good, considering they took about 5 of his leg, 4 of his shoulder and about 6 of his head) but usually you don’t get to keep them. These guys promised they would load them onto a disc for us, but left without doing so. Hopefully, they have not forgotten and deleted them. If we get the disc, we will email the shots of his fetlock to WSU and/ or Pilchuck and discuss whether surgery should be considered.
So, to sum up: it’s pretty much what SAFE had already found and i feel better having his condition so clear. Since i definitely wasn’t planning on any strenuous activities for us, i am not the least disappointed. I just don’t want to make him any worse or cause him any discomfort. Dr. Sauter does feel that exercise will be beneficial for him, so long as we keep a close eye on those legs of his and we will probably make xrays part of our annual checkup.