Mr Deeds had a slight bout of colic over the weekend. He became upset when the mare from the next paddock was taken out for turnout, and he worked himself up into a bit of a lather….started rolling and groaning and not eating his breakfast. The barn owner where he is staying called me and I called Slew and we both headed down there to see him. Fortunately, when we got there he was pretty much over it.

I went to see him this evening and he was completely his normal bright eyed, curious self. As a precaution, I brought a tub of Sand Clear for him to start getting….his paddock was recently redone with builders sand, and he’s been tracking it in to where he eats. But all in all, he seems fine now. So whew!!

also here’s an update from Lucy who saw Deeds on Friday:

Deeds was a good boy today . . . I felt like I could really start working with him on his weak points now that I know what they are. Deeds is such a cool horse . . . he goes like the typical off the track baby who has been jammed face first into a frame – – meaning he is stiff as a board and behind the bit consistantly. BUT, he is so smart!!! We worked for about 30 minutes today – about 2/3 of that was walking and the rest trot. He was really listening and seems like he really wants to please his rider. The long walking and streching excercises really helped and when we did start to trot he was still feeling stiff, but he trotted out sound from the first stride! That alone was exciting. But the other really cool thing is that at the very end of the ride he was willing to start slowing his rhythm and start reaching for the bit. These were really slight changes, but most horses take much longer to reach those first thoughts of self carriage.

I know that Deeds will always need some vet maintanence (like joint injections and so forth) but I really think that if he gets fitter and more supple he will be a much more comfy horse.

I guess my point of all this rambling is that we had a blast, Deeds is seeming a bit more comfy in his surroundings (he followed me into the grooming area after his roll in the arena) and I am really glad I stumbled apon this organization because it is giving really amazing animals a second chance and that is really exciting and motivating to me. The more time I spend with Deeds, the more I am baffled by his previous owner’s wish to euthanize him. What a loss that would have been!

So thanks for letting me be part of this horse’s transition to a forever home! I will keep you updated on his progress and don’t feel shy about letting me know if there is anything else I can do to help!