Deeds update from Lucy:

I’m sorry to hear about Deeds’ colic episode! I saw him today and he looked good. I think the pelleted bedding is helping a bit because there was less sand in his stall. He was really perky and excited to be getting out of his stall and move around some. While grooming him, I did notice that he appeared to be a bit stocked up on both his left front and left hind legs. This seemed odd to me as horses generally stock up on both sides. There was no heat of tenderness to the swelling so I decided to work him a bit and see how he was moving. He was stiff as usual and we did lots of streching at the walk and then trotted a bit, also focusing on streching. He was off when he started trotting, but warmed up out of it after a few minutes. When we stopped, the swelling was gone from the left hind and significantly decreased from the left front but not entirely gone. Again, there was no heat or tenderness.

So anyways, I will keep an eye on those legs and his weight (he is a bit thin, but I don’t think he has lost much since I have known him) and I will let you know what he is looking like on Saturday! Let me know if there is anything else you want me to do in regards to his legs or anything else!