Update from Deeds’ adopter, Kate:

I have to gush about how amazed I am by this boy: Each day we’ve been taking little walks and just doing some getting-to-know-you stuff, grooming and so on. Last night, he was more than happy to just stand next to me while I chatted with a neighbor about his adoption… he just rested a hind foot and kinda leaned his head against my arm, not even trying to rub.
I’ve taken him into the arena and we’ve checked out the jumps (my neighbors daughters are awesome jumpers) and none of it fazed him. He is very responsive, halts with a voice command and will trot with me as soon as i speed up, and slows down just as willingly.
However, last night I did notice that he was landing on the front edge of his left fore (the one with the suspensory injury) which caused him to stumble periodically, and today it appears a smidge swollen, though not hot. So, today we can practice being cold hosed and tomorrow I will have my conveniently located vet (who lives next door) take a look at him, in case he has other suggestions.
I think I may wait to start riding until he’s been checked over by the good Dr. and perhaps had his feet done, and maybe even a chiro adjustment. I will know more in the next day or so.
Until that ride however, we have plenty we can do on the ground together, and I am loving every minute of it :)

Update July 14th 2008:

Ohmigosh! To get him to stand still while I hosed his leg, I just held out a hand and let him lick it! He stood stock still and licked me the ENTIRE time :)
btw- leg looks pretty good this morning. No heat, only a small amount of swelling, and he does not find it painful at all.