Update from Deeds’ adopter, Kate:

Whew! That was a looooong trip! Luckily, the big guy was quite relaxed each time i checked on him on the way to Lynden (though he was rather sassy about getting IN the trailer, thank you Bonnie for helping!). When we finally arrived home, he turned around and announced himself to the county. He walked very nicely up to his turnout and promptly rolled in the grass. He paused at one point, still laying down, and started eating- with quite a crowd to applaud how cute he looked. He is now wearing a borrowed fly fringe and has been rubbed down a bit and had fly spray applied. I’m going to let him hang out for the next few days, let him acclimate, and then this weekend we can test the arena.
Thank you SAFE!

July 9th, 2008

So, Mr Deeds spent the day relaxing in his grassy turnout while i was at work, talking shop with my neighbor’s OTTB Gino no doubt. Then, this evening we walked around the property, investigated the arena, were shocked by ducks… yes, Deeds was not at all sure that those ducks should be allowed! However, when he noticed that none of the other horses cared, he soon decided it was ok with him too :) Then, an hours worth of beautification (and fly sprays and lotions and roll-ons) it was back to more relaxing in the sun. I’m sure i need not add that he was a very good boy the whole time ;)