Update from Deeds’ adopter, Kate:

Well, we didn’t do a photo shoot because we have a new wrinkle, er bump… The herd bliss was apparently on temporary hiatus and Deeds has been kicked, very hard, in the shoulder. The pressure of the kick appears to have split the muscle and left a deceptively small hole. Holy swelling! Luckily, the wound is at the bottom of the split and allows drainage. The position of the injury is just below the joint so we are hoping it won’t be affected. The swelling is working it’s way down the leg thanks to gravity, but he seems to be benefiting from all the hot-packing and the DMSO/ furazone application- though he doesn’t like it, and has no problem eating his antibiotics, so his recuperation is relatively quiet. So far he has not run a temp and only been a bit off on that leg and been much more stoic than I would be. Today he led out with nary a wobble.
This has been a crazy month! My younger mare had strange (and scary) colic complete with allergic reaction to who knows what and required 3 vets in one day! She is back to her typical sassy self now. Here’s hoping December has no surprises, and thank goodness I work for my vet! 

Dec 7 2008 Update:

Deeds has actually surprised everyone with his speedy healing (my vet has commented on it several times) and was able to participate in last night’s chiro session. Dr. Johnson, who is doing the chiropractic work, is excited to work with him because she will be able to see, and feel, his progression more obviously than in others- mostly due to his having raced for so long. He really enjoyed the pelvic work last night, just about falling asleep!