Picture time! I worked with Deeds today and I must say I LOVE this horse!! He is so sweet and willing and reminds me a lot of my Slam. I took him out and Allison and I put him in the crossties and brushed him and cleaned him up. He was a very good boy and stood quietly. Then I saddled him up (he was good, a little nervous but good) and bridled him and brought him into the arena. He was nervous and not paying much attention and wanted to run as soon as I put him on the circle so I made him walk and we just walked until he finally stopped jigging and got bored and relaxed. Then we did a bit of trotting and then I put the side reins on. He was good although wanting to brace against them and it took him a while to relax into him, which he finally did. After we did a little walk/trotting both directions I got on him. From the description from his previous owners I was expecting him to be wound up but he was as cool as a cucumber. The dogs were running around and barking and he was completely unfazed and totally listening to me. He goes naturally on the bit and while he doesn’t understand bending around the leg he was willing and great. To the left he felt really good, his movement is stilted in front and takes some getting used to but he didn’t feel off. To the right though you could feel he was off on that left hind. I am going to try and get him on a joint supplement and see if that helps him. He was so mellow though, totally relaxed and even a little lazy.
There are some photos in this album of his left front foot which is very out of balanced and certainly doesn’t help! We’ll work on getting that fixed: