Dexter had a little mini training session today with our trainer, who came down to teach some lessons. He did great! She put a bridle and saddle on him (which he didn’t care about at all) and lunged him a bit. He was a bit nervous about being lunged (probably been round penned) but did well once he figured out what was being asked. He was feeling pretty spunky on the lunge line and did a few airs above ground and some nice bucks but he hadn’t been able to really run for a while as the ground has been so frozen. After that she tested his reactions to slapping on the saddle, leaning over his back, etc, and he was completely unfazed by it. Got on him and was able to walk and trot around a bit and while he is very green he clearly has been ridden before. She’s going to work with him again next weekend as today’s lesson was very short due to the fact that we ran out of daylight. But I think he’s going to be just as easy as he appears to be!