So I am going to go ahead and re-list Dexter as available for adoption. He is going quite well for Sara under saddle (a little stubborn about going to the left, a little ring sour about going towards the gate, but nothing major). We have still not seen any signs of aggression or bad behavior on the ground towards people, although he is a little herd bound when separated from other horses.

He lived with Lexi for a while and that worked out pretty well, and he never challenged the fences while with her. He did try to mount her once when she was in heat, however. He is now turned out with Honeycutt, who is dominant towards him, with mares next to him, and we have had no problems. HC put him in his place in the first 30 seconds and after that it’s been quite peaceful. I really think the issue is he is both studdy around mares and herdbound, so putting him with a more dominant gelding would be ideal. He can be pastured alone, next to other horses, but only with very secure fencing.

He’s still a super nice horse that will make someone a great riding horse, but maybe not appropriate for a novice handler on the ground and needs to be in the right living situation for it to work out.

Look for him and Sara at the SAFE show on August 7th!