What has our rodeo king been up to in his spare time? Well, mostly Domino is still just patiently waiting for his person to show up. This sweet old gent is ready for a nice and easy retirement, ideally alongside a pushover gelding or a nice mare he can romance. Domino continues to enjoy his human interactions, loving the time he spends with his groomers. He remains very attached to his fence mate, Lacey, who mostly will give him the time of day.

Recently, we dewormed our entire herd for their routine spring deworming, and Domino was a model citizen for having “apple flavored” ivermectin dispensed into his mouth. He needed a little encouragement to swallow, but what are friends for if not holding your head up?

We love this sweet boy and can’t wait to get him out the door and into your home so you can love him just as much as we do!