We are so happy to announce Doolin, now named Finn, has been adopted by Shannon! After arriving to his new home Shannon texted “I think we are in love!!” That is what we love to hear! Once turned out in his new home, he strutted and zoomed around his coral all afternoon, but also impressed everyone with his sweet lovely manners. Including their mare who may have a crush on him, while the gelding was less than impressed, at least for now.

Doolin found himself at SAFE after a large animal control seizure of several ponies and a horse. They all suffered from overgrown hooves, lice, malnutrition, enormous worm loads, and lack of dental care, causing painful ulcerations in their mouths. Sadly as is the case with many AC seizures, it took another pony dying on the property to save them. Doolin arrived at SAFE as a stallion and we quickly got to work gentling him so we could geld him. Geldings get to live a happy life turned out with horse buddies. The surgery went well and after a few months of groundwork, Doolin’s manners were excellent.

On the exciting day Terry announced Doolin’s adoption she said “What a transformation! From screaming stallion to cuddly little dude! Love this guy and what SAFE’s program did for him. We need a certificate of graduation of this good equine citizen.” SAFE’s training program transformed Doolin’s life and now he lives happily ever after with a loving family and other horse friends where he will always know love, comfort and never be hungry again.