Lauren & Phoenix, photo by Jessica FarrenWe are delighted to announce the adoption of our big beautiful boy Phoenix. He has had a long journey and is truly a survivor! Maybe he just needed time to grow up or maybe was waiting for Lauren to find him. No matter what, this is a love story worth reading. 

For us to successfully place horses into forever homes, a lot of careful consideration and time goes into matching the right horse and adopter. As Adoption Coordinator, I have the important role of arranging these unions. Sometimes this is a hard job and other times things fall right into place. With all of them, we want what is best for both parties. After a failed adoption for Phoenix, I made a promise to him that SAFE would take care of him as long as we needed to until the right family was found. Today I am thrilled to say we did just that and found him a perfect family. He now has owners that would do just about anything to make sure he has what he needs and love him as much as he loves them.

We already miss our “overgrown golden retriever puppy,” his kind eyes, and hilarious antics but we all are happy knowing he is where he is meant to be. Lauren was kind enough to tell us about her story and finding Phoenix:

Hi Everyone!

Where do I start about my Phoenix? He has touched my heart in so many ways, and he is forever a part of our family. Anyone that knows me, not a second goes by that I don’t think about him. He has settled in amazing, loves his pasture and has great vets and trainers working with him. He rode in the river last week; he got 2 new saddles, gets endless treats from his Mom and Dad, and is loving life. 

I started riding horses when I was 9 years old, working at a stable for free lessons. I always had a love for them and rode for many years after that. I stopped when I went to college, but started back up again about 3 years ago because I was going through some medical stuff, and my amazing and supportive husband, said you should get back to the one hobby and passion that I love — and that is horses. Little did he know the cost involved. 

I got back into lessons, went to different stables to find the right fit, and leased an amazing horse. But always knew I wanted my own horse to grow with, and love forever. And that it would be a rescue horse no question. I am a believer in chances in life with people and also in animals. I have always had a huge heart for animals, and rescuing a horse was a dream since I was little.

I started following SAFE, rode in the Benefit show last year, and started following all the horses that SAFE had. I then found Phoenix, what is NOT to love about the handsome and loving man! His story was something that forever touched my heart, and I knew that people just overlooked him because he has some medical challenges he has been faced with. A lot of people I knew, kept saying don’t do it, he isn’t sound, and he will be a lot of maintenance, and why would you rescue a horse.

I followed my heart and knew he was the one for me, no question. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, checking for updates or new pictures. I was so in love with the guy and felt his energy. My husband agreed to come with me to meet him. Finally after 6 months of talking! 

I then reached out to the amazing Terry, filled out an application and told her my story. We met Phoenix the following weekend, and I was so happy, and couldn’t stop smiling. My husband could see the joy and the love in my heart for him, I then gave my phone to Terry and told her to take our first family pic and the rest is history. 

We absolutely love our Phoenix, and so blessed for SAFE, Terry and her amazing patience with me, everyone who volunteers – a big thank you, Lisa for meeting us early to pick up our guy, the process was amazing and so fun to be a part of. 

SAFE is an amazing place for horses and adoption, and we are so overjoyed to forever have a connection. And who knows, someday Phoenix might have another buddy! 

All the best,

Lauren, Bryan and Phoenix